They get to jailbreak an iPhone X

The new flagship of Apple takes a week in the market has already managed to jailbreak the iPhone X.

Although the A11 Bionic processor that mounts this terminal is the same as the one used for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that has been on the market longer, it has a lot of merits to have managed to hack the iPhone X in such a short time.

It was during the POC 2017, an event specialized in hacking and cybersecurity that was held in South Korea on November 2 and 3 where Liang Chen, KeenLab security expert, managed to jailbreak an iPhone X with iOS 11.1. 1.

The iPhone X jailbreak works with iOS version 11.1.1

The author of this hack has not explained the vulnerabilities discovered in the iPhone X that allowed him to perform the jailbreak to the new phone of the manufacturer based in Cupertino and is not expected to go to publish the steps to follow to get hack the iPhone X.

Do not expect KeenLab to reveal how Liang Chen managed to jailbreak the iPhone X; Most likely, they will take advantage of Apple’s Bug Bounty program, which rewards economically for finding vulnerabilities in its operating system.

Although it is not the first time that KeenLab manages to jailbreak a device with iOS 11 so the hope that they do not report the vulnerabilities to Apple is still there so that lovers of jailbreak should not yet lose hope.

Everything points to Jailbreak for the iPhone 8 with iOS 11

And is that the fact of having managed to jailbreak a device with iOS 11.1.1, the latest update of the operating system of Apple that was published yesterday, will give a good push to a community increasingly smaller.

Although Apple has managed to corner jailbreakers so that they have a diminishing presence in their ecosystem, it is likely that sooner rather than later we will see a version of Cydia for the iPhone X.

Problems grow with the iPhone X screen

Remember that doing the iPhone X jailbreak you will have full control over the device can unlock the terminal to use it with any mobile phone company or change the look of your iPhone X among many other options.

Of course, remember that if you jailbreak the iPhone X or any other Apple device you will lose the manufacturer’s warranty. Although you can always follow our tutorial to eliminate any trace of jailbreak on your iPhone …