Apple will limit the performance of the Qualcomm modem on iPhone 7

I heard about performance limitations, in the mobile chipsets, substantiate so that the device does not run high, but it’s the first time we hear a phone modem to be limited.

And fixed Qualcomm modem that makes Apple the iPhone in July.

Apparently, the Cupertino company has released the in 2 versions, with Qualcomm modems and some Intel onboard.

There are discrepancies between versions, so Qualcomm modems are faster than Intel, and the “problem” will be solved.

Apple has decided to limit the performance of Qualcomm modems to be at the level with the slowest Intel.

It seems that the iPhone 7 models for Verizon and Sprint had the Qualcomm modems faster, so, perhaps AT&T and T-Mobile were unhappy that their networks operate on Intel slower modems.

Thus, the Qualcomm solution reaches 600 Mbps download speed on paper, and the Intel 450 Mbps.

Obviously, in real life, it’s almost impossible to reach those speeds, so the problem is canceled quickly.