Lenovo Yoga Book: battery over the expectations

Lenovo Yoga terminals, or at least some of the tablets that are characterized by “spinning”, the trademark design, which typically includes a generous battery.

The tablet comes with a Li-Po 8500 mAh of which from the specs should provide dozens of days of standby or 15 hours of continuous use.

HD video playback test loop that we usually do, we reached 10 hours and 26 minutes, pretty solid result.

On this occasion, we went to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 9.7, but we were under the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tab and iPad Air 2.

Lenovo Yoga Book

In PCMark continuous test use, we have reached 8 hours and 5 minutes, excellent result that outperforms a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7.

We still ranked below the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tab and Galaxy Tab 9.7.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Unfortunately, I could not test the charging, with no official charger packed, but the unofficial one it took about 3 hours to charge the tablet.