The LG G6 will have 100 new apps optimized for its screen with 18: 9 format

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 the ban has been opened for third-party developers to optimize their applications to those new screen formats ranging from 18.5: 9 on the first and 18: 9 on the second.

The LG G6 will have 100 new apps optimized for its screen with 18: 9 format

It is LG who now wants his phone, presented just recently, to be more attractive to the consumer with a series of 100 new apps fully optimized to the new screen ratio. The idea is that soon to reach 300 apps to have a better repertoire of applications.

You have to take advantage of that new 18: 9 aspect ratio

The reality at the moment is that these two phones of the Korean technology giants are not properly taking advantage of the new screen ratio that makes the screens more elongated.

Currently, LG has, through LG SmartWorld, a number of 200 apps optimized for users who start to get their hands on the new LG G6.

It is even Google itself that has urged third-party developers to start optimizing their apps so that users who have new phones can enjoy an experience adapted to that new format of the screen.

The problem is that if this is not the case, apps that are in the Google Play Store are designed for the more traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio, so when they are installed a black bar appears at the top And lower in the user interface.

Anyway, while all those Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are reaching users, there is more than enough time for third-party developers to update their apps.

Another thing is that they want to take advantage of having a longer screen, to include some extra elements in the interface and thus offer a better experience with the screen format 18: 9.