You can already have the LG G6 camera app on your LG G5 with this ROM

It is no secret that the root world is not going through its best moments between the difficulties that Android puts and the less and less need because it offers us a great capacity for personalization.

lg g5

However, there are still many faithful who do not have enough with what comes out of the factory.

One of the uses that have been given for a long time to root is to adapt an application to a more modern device, such as that of the camera.

It is possible that some LG G5 owners are not satisfied with the camera app that comes from the factory or simply want to try the LG G6. Now they can do it, although for this they have to install a specific ROM.

If you have an LG G5, you can now install the LG G6 camera app, although for this you need to have the Fulmics ROM installed before.

Thanks to the xpirt developer, it is possible that you can install the LG G6 camera app on your LG G5, although for this you must first install the ROM that he has developed, Fulmics.

Once you have followed the tutorial to install it, just download the LG G6 camera app and flash it for recovery, which will replace the base app.

According to the comments of the thread, the application works quite well, which includes both functions that already had the LG G5 and the possibility of making GIFs.

Taking into account that the screens of both phones have a different format, xpirt has adapted it to have no problems. Do you have an LG G5 and are you going to try this app?