The LG V30 would bet on a curved screen similar to the Galaxy S8

A few years ago LG and Samsung competed in a new league, one of the curved screens, both giving their own vision of how it should be included in a smartphone.

LG V30
While LG, in addition to curving the panels, made them moderately flexible, Samsung decided to remove the Galaxy Round, a Note 4 that could be assimilated to a cradle by the way it was curved.

Samsung would continue in its future terminals with the screens ‘Edge’, but LG would not stay still, because it continued with the line Flex that, unfortunately, was not continued.

However, its experience with the curved screens is undeniable and, in addition, we may see a curved panel similar to the Galaxy S8 in the future LG V30.

LG Display, the section of the Korean company dedicated to the screens, was already in charge of distributing the OLED curved screens to Xiaomi for Mi Note 2 last year, but for some reason, they were not ready for mass production yet.

At least until now, it seems that the LG V30 will incorporate a curved OLED display, according to The Investor.

Recently, according to The Investor, the Korean manufacturer received an offer from Google according to which the search giant would invest 880 million dollars to increase production of OLED screens.

This would help LG a lot and would avoid Samsung’s near monopoly on such screens (97.7%).

Of course, the investment would not only make LG able to continue distributing OLED screens to Xiaomi and LG Electronics for the V30, but (and this would be a hypothetical condition) would give Google a certain preference in distributing these panels for a future Pixel.

There are also rumors that say Apple would go to the Koreans to manufacture OLED screens on their future iPhone.

Although at the moment nothing is clear, if Google’s investment becomes a reality, all other rumors about the distribution of OLED screens would gain in credibility.

For now, it is best to take this with some caution as it is nothing more than rumors.

Would you like to see an LG V30 with OLED display or do you prefer it to remain flat?