MacBook Air 2017 Release Date, it may be the last one launched

The may not arrive, as per the rumors. The year 2016 saw a rather disappointing update on Apple’s cheapest MacBook.

However, hopes were crushed when the Keynote event nowhere near mentioned the MacBook Air. This begs the question: will it still get upgrades or will it vanish completely?

Apple To Ditch MacBook Air 2017 To Cut Down Production?

An analyst from IHS Securities claimed that Apple is set to cut down its MacBook production by 16 percent this year in response to the market’s diminishing interest, ITHome reported (via Firstpost). This leads to the prediction that the MacBook Air lineup will take the blow.

Apple produced 16.2 million MacBooks last year. This year, the figure will dwindle down to 13.6 million units. It is speculated that the 11.6-inch variant of the MacBook Air will be cut down as a result, which means that the 13.3-inch Air can still be available.

Meanwhile, hopes for a MacBook Air 2017 are decreasing. The sleek and light MacBook Pro 2016 that was unveiled in October can already compete with the Air line in such aspects.

Then there is also the 12-inch MacBook that is undoubtedly thinner and lighter than its siblings.