New MacBook Pro Has Terrible Battery Life, According to Users

The new MacBook Pro models come with the unique Touch Bar, as well as a lot of trade-offs that have been the subject of criticism and controversy.
In addition, a lot of users are actually complaining that the notebooks are unable to deliver the MacBook’s latest and greatest feature to-date: battery life.

Lots of Users Have Been Complaining About the Battery Life on the ‘Touch Bar’ Enabled MacBook Pro Models

Several MacBook Pro owners have started ranting on Reddit relating to the abysmal battery time they are experiencing on the new machines.

Here are a few accounts of those who are thoroughly dissatisfied with the purchase as far as battery life goes:

“The battery on mine (MBP 15″, 2.9, 1 TB, 460) seemed poor when I first got it, but after a week or so it seemed to get better. I assume it’s because I was syncing Dropbox and installing all of my software. Now, I’m easily getting 8+ hours out of it when doing the “loungey” stuff like Messages, Safari, Mail, Calendar, and working on the odd spreadsheet in Excel.”

“I’ve had the 13′ w/ TB model for a little over a week and a half now. And I’m not liking the battery life at all so far. So initially using chrome w/ the rest of my apps I was getting about 4-5 hrs. So I switched to safari and noticed a slight bump, 5-6hrs. Which is not what was advertised. I used Safari, Mail, NetBeans/xcode and spotify. While in sleep mode, with all apps off, I lose about 6% every 8hrs which is also very bad…”

“Damn. I opened laptop when I just got home and had 75%. Has been less then 2 hours and got down to 5%. Chrome was open, and was editing photos in lightroom. Not a fan of the battery life.”