Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date: Microsoft Develops Two Versions

The Microsoft Surface Phone has captured the interest of fans again with another rumored update; Microsoft has more than one unit in the works.

The latest information from various sources indicated that Microsoft is indeed working on multiple mobile units and may release them in various levels of RAM.

If this is the case, the Microsoft Surface Phone may have multiple units out on the market.

The Microsoft Surface Phone might also have an interesting Laptop Accessory and that Microsoft is exploring a 3-in1 form.

This has not been confirmed yet but if it will come to fruition, it will definitely be an interesting feature.

The news came after rumors that Microsoft is exploring the X86-on ARM64 emulation started to circulate.

The 4 GB prototype will still run with the Snapdragon 835 but won’t be able to run X86 apps in the Continuum.

With this set-up, it seems that Microsoft is planning to have a consumer and enterprise version of their units.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is said to be launched at the end of 2017.