Moto G5S Plus lets you see your dual camera in new images

There are new developments in the Motorola catalog and not just a few. Recently, an image was leaked that showed the smartphones that the company has planned for this year and the Moto G5S and Moto G5S Plus are two of the terminals provided.

moto g5 plus

Yesterday already we could take a look at the Moto G5S and its metallic design in full and today come pictures of his older brother.

As we already anticipated, this version will have a slightly bigger screen, but its most outstanding novelty is in the back part. If confirmed, the Moto G5S could be the first terminal of the firm to have a dual camera configuration.

The dual camera enters the Motorola catalog through the mid-range

As usual in the mid-range, Lenovo would again bet on the formula to offer a normal version and a Plus of its next range.

Unlike the current Moto G5, the Moto G5S would have a full metal design instead of just including the metal in the back of the case. One of the details that highlight this point is the antenna lines crossing the back.

In addition to a metal jacket, it is also expected that the Moto G5S raise the bar in terms of diagonal screen. According to rumors, the Moto G5S will feature a 5.2-inch panel, while the Moto G5S Plus, which is the one we are now considering, would climb to 5.5 inches. Both would have a FullHD resolution.

Moto G5S

But the most striking point of this Plus variant would not be the design or diagonal of your screen, but your camera. As seen in the images, the terminal will have a double camera in the rear, which could make it the first smartphone of the brand with this configuration, unless the Moto Z2 Force arrives first.

The camera does not know details beyond that it includes a double LED flash and will record videos in FullHD. By the way, speaking of LED flash, the front camera also includes one, although this time it is simple.

It is expected that the Moto G5S Plus has more advanced technical features, but there are not too many details. The filtering refers only to the processor, which will be an eight-core with 64-bit support. What we do know is that it will come in four colors: golden, gold with the white front, dark gray and silver.