New WhatsApp function allows you to watch group members in real time

The other day we find on blog CEO WhatsApp Jan Kounblog, the free messaging application will receive a number of new, highly useful and these are already available in beta testing for application on Android.

“Recall” allows users to withdraw a WhatsApp message that if the recipient did not get to read it. So now if you regret that you wrote a particular message to someone and you want to “wipe off the face of the earth,” all you have to do is to use this functionality.

Another function, as well we know, is called “Edit” allows editing posts and WhatsApp, but equally, if they were never to be read by recipients.

This morning I received information about another new feature WhatsApp beta detected both Android and iOS (version 2.16.399 and of the messaging app.

This is called “Live Location Tracking” and allow users to track certain information about group members in real time. Tracking can be maintained while 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes, as well as endlessly.

Such functionality is particularly useful if you are going to meet with the gang of friends in a specific location at a specific time and want to see how far the destination is each group member.

The live broadcast function can be also turned off so that group members can learn where you are at any time of day.

Live Location Tracking is disabled by default, which means that WhatsApp needs to activate it when it is ready to be launched.