Artificial intelligence and 5G, the bet of Nokia with its new ReefShark

Artificial intelligence and 5G, the bet of Nokia with its new ReefShark
The 5G has not yet arrived and nevertheless, the different participants have been taking positions on the board for some time, moving their pieces to have the best situation when the new standard begins to work.

A standard that is already defined but will not close its last fringes until June of this same 2018, and that promises to revolutionize wireless communications remotely.

Regarding mobile antennas, different manufacturers are presenting their solutions. From Intel to Qualcomm, recently moving through Samsung with its Exynos for 5G communications.

But until now Nokia for networks seems the newest, at least for the integration of two of the technologies that come treading more strongly. The Nokia 5G will have help from an artificial intelligence.

ReefShark, the Nokia 5G sharks

Taking advantage of its experience in the telecommunications sector, one that was never slowed down by the hand changes of the mobile line first to Microsoft and then to HMD, Nokia has presented its next generation of connectivity chips. How not, direct to the 5G market and with some interesting features.

With ReefShark, Nokia has created a clear competitive advantage. Its combination of power, intelligence, and efficiency make it ideal to be at the heart of rapidly arriving 5G networks – Herni Tervonen, CTO of Nokia Mobile Networks

The new Nokia ReefShark not only promise to meet the 5G standards, which as we say will end up being 100% defined in June but also offer different improvements. Improvements such as a smaller size, lower manufacturing cost and, therefore, sale and also reduced consumption during its operations.

With the name of “reef sharks”, the new radio frequency chips from Nokia also improve the performance of the radio, so they are expected to be able to enjoy more power in conditions of lower coverage.

An improvement to take into account since the initial coverage of the 5G will take long enough to cover entire territories, as happened, and continues to happen, with the 4G.

Artificial intelligence to optimize everything

But without a doubt, the great novelty of these ReefShark that still smells new is the inclusion of artificial intelligence in the chip itself. It is not something new in itself, because both Apple and Huawei, Qualcomm and Samsung already do when we talk about mobile processors, semiconductors.

But they do represent an advance in terms of mobile communications, to the modems themselves that will be in the different SoCs of mobile phones.

This artificial intelligence of the ReefShark will be put to work in tasks of monitoring and optimization of the radio in real time.

This artificial intelligence can also be adapted to operate in the different layers of the 5G network, so that the ReefShark will be able to optimize the network to offer service to the different actors connected to their networks, from cars connected to smartphones or IoT devices.

The artificial intelligence included in the ReefShark will monitor and optimize the 5G networks, promising to offer a better service to all devices connected to it.

According to Nokia, the ReefShark are already in tests with 30 operators and are confident that they are fully implemented in the third quarter of this same 2018, also operating with its Future X standard, a new system that combines different facets to offer more network capabilities for the future 5G.