Nokia Moonraker smart watch, presented in a video

Over time, Nokia started several projects that never had the chance to convert them into commercial products and one of the most interesting would have been a SmartWatch.

As Slashgear stated, the clock had code-named Moonraker.

Indeed, the device never reached the market, but some copies were produced, and recently, a YouTube user recently had the opportunity to test one of them.

Apparently, Moonraker SmartWatch was developed by Finnish company before it can sell the mobile division of Microsoft in 2013.

In these circumstances, it is easy to explain the relatively simple design of the UI.

As written above mentioned website, in certain respects, interface reminds us of the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch first released by Samsung.

Hour benefit from a touch screen and have the ability to inform the user about missed calls and messages.

It also could include steps taken by an individual, the feature that is much more important in the last three years.

Unfortunately for Finns, plans for the Smartwatch were abandoned after Microsoft acquired the mobile division.

Redmond giant has sold this year by Finnish brand HMD Global, a company that had been formed in order to produce Nokia phones.

Along with FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Foxconn, HMD will produce handsets in the next decade. The first terminal may D1C name and some pictures and information about it appeared the other day.

Of course, the images could not be authentic, but AnTuTu site mentions that we can see a Full HD display that hides underneath an octa-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 with Adreno 505 GPU also list the specifications should include no less than 3GB RAM and 32GB for storing personal data.