Nokia P1 Latest Leaks Reveals A Powerful Camera And Fingerprint Sensor

The Nokia P1 is definitely one of the most anticipated mobile devices this year, considering that this represents the return of the Finnish company to the smartphone business, after several years in which its possibilities of making a comeback seem quite short.

Glass Build And Fingerprint Sensor On The Home Button

Naturally, we advise taking the leaked information about this mobile device with a pinch of salt, given the fact that the Finnish company hasn’t confirmed anything, and there´s always the possibility of not seeing one of the suggested specs or features in the Nokia P1 once it gets released.

According to what can be seen in the video, the Nokia P1 will sport a all-metal body that is curved at the corners, just as the greatest Android smartphones that can be seen in the market, which is something that clearly shows the company´s intentions to blow the customers´ mind with a product that offers the greatest details as its competitors.

Also, the video illustrates that the Nokia P1 would sport a 5.3-inch display covered in Gorilla Glass 5.

The Nokia P1 Will Sport A Powerful Camera

On the other hand, a great detail revealed in the concept video is that this flagship would feature a Zeiss-certified 22.6MP rear camera, which is something that could assure the Nokia P1 success in the market, considering that this is one of the most powerful lenses that any mobile device could wear.

Also, the Nokia P1 will be equipped with a 3,500 mAh, which is one of the greatest that can be found today.

The video also seems to confirm what was already reported in a previous article: the existence of the almighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor in the Nokia P1, coupled with 6GB of RAM.


Via / iTechPost