Samsung Galaxy Book: A Powerful Windows 10 Tablet

Samsung seems to be clearly all about tablets this coming MWC 2017. Even though the company won’t yet specifically name it, the Galaxy Tab S3 is set to launch next week.

Samsung Galaxy Book: A Powerful Windows 10 Tablet

However, it might not be the only tablet lined up, not even the only OS. There have been speculations circulating about a Galaxy TabPro S successor, though, based on an app that popped up at the Windows Store, it won’t be called a Galaxy TabPro S2. Instead, it might be called the “Galaxy Book.”

Samsung Galaxy Book

This so-called Galaxy Book is a Windows 10 device which is already given since the app was found on the Windows app store.

Whether the Galaxy Book will be much different from the Galaxy TabPro S or replaces it, still remains unclear.

The “Samsung Galaxy Book” could be a rival for the Microsoft Surface Book afterward.

According to a source, Samsung released a “Book Settings” app in the Windows Store in the weekend including references to a separate unannounced Samsung Galaxy Book.

The app is designed to offer additional settings for a stylus, the AMOLED display, the ability to add a pattern unlock like Android, and a battery life extender