Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Q2 Development

The exploding batteries on the Galaxy Note 7 may have disrupted Samsung’s consistency in the smartphone industry but the South Korean tech giant is not giving just yet.

As a matter of fact, Samsung believes that the issue will only make them stronger in the near future.

This is enough to convince us that the ever-popular Note Series will continue to live on and there will be a Galaxy Note 8 coming out this year.

If so, then it is highly likely for Samsung to start working on the Note 8 in Q2 this year before assembling all the supplied parts together in Q3.

It is very important for Samsung to start collecting parts early because doing so will prevent the need to rush suppliers.

Samsung has admitted that one of the mistakes which led to the Note 7’s explosion is due to them pushing the second battery supplier to unreasonable levels.

This basically caused quality to get flushed down the drain thus the exploding batteries.

There were no cases of explosions with the first few batch of Note 7 sold.