Second-Degree Burns After His Galaxy S7 Explodes

The Galaxy Note 7 saga might have been over, but it does not mean that the chapter of exploding smartphones has ended for Samsung because a Galaxy S7 explosion has resulted in causing severe damage to a user’s hands.

This is definitely not going to end on a good note.

Amarjit Mann Claims His Galaxy S7 Was in this Pocket When the Incident Took Place – Plans to Taking Action Against the Company

I took it out and had it in my hands and it exploded right away,” Mann recalled during an interview at Seven Oaks Hospital. “When you see smoke, I was shocked. You cannot expect this thing. It was like a nightmare.

Galaxy S7 Explodes

Mann said there was a little steam at first which hit his hand, then a boom and what seemed like firecrackers going off. He said one of those sparks hit him on the cheek just below his eye.

“Imagine if the phone was (at my ear); my whole face would’ve burnt,” he said.

Samsung’s Note 7 was recalled last month, two weeks after it hit the market, after reports of it exploding while charging.

The South Korean company stopped making and selling the device and asked owners to stop using them. An Ontario couple is organizing a class action lawsuit on behalf of Canadian customers.

Mann said he wants to pursue a lawsuit for pain — “I never had such a bad (burn) in my life” — and possibly lost wages. The mechanic was told his hands would take eight to nine days to heal.

“People need to be aware of this. It’s like a bomb you can carry.”