Smart augmented reality Gorilla Glass could be coming to future cars

We’re used to seeing super-strong Gorilla Glass on our phone screens. But what about in cars, on our dashboards and windows?

That’s the plan from Corning, makers of Gorilla Glass, who took CES 2017 as an opportunity to show off its smart glass car concept.

No, that doesn’t mean a crash test dummy’s nightmare glass car chassis. Instead, it relates to the potential for the material to be used in connected dashboards, windshields, and windows.

Augmented acceleration

The concept car, pictured above, makes use of a “lightweight Gorilla Glass hybrid windshield with augmented reality capabilities”, which allows the driver to get at-a-glance traffic and landmark updates, projected onto the screen dependent on the vehicle’s location.

The same glass can be used in a dashboard, which (like a tablet screen) could be touch-controlled across its entire length, while the flexibility of Gorilla Glass would also allow windows to change from clear to tinted at the driver’s discretion.

All this would come with the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency according to Corning, due to Gorilla Glass’s strong-yet-light make-up.

“By bringing Corning Gorilla Glass to the automotive industry, Corning is delivering lighter, tougher, and more optically advantaged solutions, enabling improved fuel efficiency, and a safer, more enhanced user experience for both drivers and passengers,” said Marty Curran, executive vice president at Corning.

“Corning’s leading position in mobile device cover glass has provided an excellent launch pad for glass solutions enabling smartphone-like connectivity in cars. We are excited to be demonstrating all of these new technologies and opportunities in a custom-built connected car, shown for the first time at CES.”

Source / Tech Radar