Sony Mobile releases the Xperia L1: 5.5 inches HD, 13 Mpx and Mediatek chip

After presenting no fewer than four smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sony has just formalized yet another Xperia, the L1.

Xperia L1
This new entrant in the family does not really detract from the rest of the market and sports a fact sheet very very banal.

Sony does not stop anymore. After arriving armed with smartphones in Barcelona, the Japanese giant has just added a fifth phone to its 2017 catalog, the Xperia L1.

This new mobile, not to be confused with the Xperia L released in 2013, complements the manufacturer’s mid-range offer, but clearly, will not revolutionize the market by its technical characteristics.

Thus, on this L1 there is an IPS screen of 5.5 inches which, according to the visuals, would go practically from edge to edge laterally, a little in the manner of Xperia XA.

Unfortunately, the definition is limited to HD (1280 x 720 px) which, on such a diagonal, is a little lean since it only allows to display 267 pixels per inch.

Behind this slab are a Mediatek MT6737T platform with four 1.45 GHz cores, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of memory (expandable to an additional 256 GB via micro SD) and a 2620 mAh battery.

No price or release date

Picture side is a module of 13 MP opens to f 2.2 that fits the back of the phone, while a second 5MP 24mm f 2.2 is installed on the front for selfies.

To top it all, the usual connection is present, namely Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC and USB Type-C port for charging. Fortunately, the Xperia L1 comes natively on Android Nougat (7.0).

Suffice to say that this mobile does not appear to be the reference of anything and it is anyway not even presented as such as Sony puts nothing in particular except before “the rounded design” of the mobile.

The low resolution of the screen could ensure proper autonomy, but the battery 2620 mAh seems a bit too shy for that, the camera module duo has nothing either exceptional. In short, we are faced with a telephone “banal”, which in itself is not serious from the moment the phone is not sold at a high price.

But the manufacturer has not seen fit to indicate any price or a release date more specific that “spring”.

We hope at least that, given the data sheet, the XperiaL1 will not be sold over 200 €, otherwise well not take risk comparison against other phones like the Samsung Galaxy J7 last year or the zest More or Acer Z630S.

Xperia L1