Steve Wozniak: Tesla is the new great innovator – thanks to Elon Musk

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak does not believe that the biggest innovations for the future will come from Apple – but from Tesla.

The guarantor of innovations is young entrepreneurs, not big corporations.

In an interview with Bloomberg, “Woz” is one of the great innovations of the future. The Apple co-founder is impressed by Tesla founder and boss Elon Musk, who has the right ideas with his company and shows a lot of commitment to very risky things.

Wozniak describes character traits at Musk, which are often referred to as the success secret of Steve Jobs: He puts on products, which all others first as potential flops see, the muses would however simply gladly have.

The Tesla Model S had made little sense from that point of view; No one had seen this market. But Musk wanted to have a corresponding car and so on its success.

The car “had ultimately emerged for Elon’s own life,” says Wozniak. “What kind of car would he want?” When things emerge out of their own accord, if you know what you want, and then control the process of creation, the best products come out.

Recall that Steve Jobs, during his time as an Apple CEO, was reportedly unaware of hiring market researchers to figure out what customers would like instead, Apple was supposed to produce products that people would not get the idea of until after their release, That they wanted this device.

Wozniak sees Tesla – and Musks other companies such as the tunneling company “Boring Company” – therefore on a similar path as Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. They would continue to be successful, but they would not produce the great ideas for the future.

Such ideas would not come from the big business, but from young people who build their own companies and projects.