Surface Book 2 Kaby Lake chipsets RUMOR

Microsoft is out to release faster, better, and stronger devices to please its millions of devoted users. Released last October 2015, the Surface Book upped the ante for future supercomputers.

With the successful release of its predecessor, users are anticipating the debut of Surface Book 2.

There is no official statement yet that a Surface Book 2 is in the works.

Knowing that Apple released a new MacBook Pro this year, there are rumors circulating that the Surface Book 2 will be built to compete with Apple’s next laptop.

The Bit Bag outlined some of the specifications that a Surface Book 2 will need to have in order to compete with the MacBook Pro.

The Surface Book 2 is rumored to contain the next generation Intel Kaby Lake chipsets. A good move for Microsoft if the rumors are true, due to its faster and better graphics reviews compared to MacBook Pro’s Skylake chipsets.

TechRadar anticipates that better chipset may mean a nicer and higher definition screen will be infused in Surface Book 2. A 4K resolution may be in the works due to the stronger graphics architecture Kaby Lake chipsets are known for.

4K resolution boasts of 3,840 pixels ultra-high definition technology.

Higher graphics and faster processors may drain the battery faster, that’s why it is anticipated that the next Surface Book will be packed with more power.

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