Response to Trump: Analyst advises Apple to $200 surcharge “Made in America” iPhone

If Donald Trump speaks of retrieving jobs from China, he gladly emphasizes Apple. One analyst suggests that Apple in addition to the “China-iPhone” also should offer a ‘Made in America “- iPhone. That would cost but up to $ 200 more.

The new US president Donald Trump has far-reaching ideas for action that Jobs from countries like Mexico and especially China to “return” to the United States.

Above all it is about high tariffs for manufactured abroad; China speaks Trump even one inch in height by 45 percent.

This would also make for Apple significantly less lucrative to be prepared an iPhone in China in order to sell it in the US. However, the question arises whether a production in the US would be more lucrative.

Analyst Brian White of Drexel Hamilton sees loads in the debate a special pressure on Apple. He proposes that the group, all of the “return” to the United States, which is necessary – including existing overseas funds.

For this Trump has already announced tax rebates. Then Apple could sell in the US, a “Made in the USA” -iPhone.

That would be a kind of Special Edition that would cost then just 100 to 200 US dollars more than comparable “China-iPhone”.

White clearly believes that Apple with this rather symbolic step the US government could bring himself to make an exception in punitive tariffs for Apple products.

Indeed checks Apple’s partner Foxconn since the election victory of Trump opportunities for production in the US; recently was a talk of a built together with Apple Display factory.

Whether that would, however, actually create so many jobs, can likewise be doubted: even in China is massive Foxconn of human workers on robots to.