How to use the old WhatsApp status again

The new status function at WhatsApp is not very popular among users. Numerous reviews have prompted Facebook to remove the feature again in the next version.


There is a pre-taste in the beta, which is available to Android users.

“Theft is not worth it!” It says, which nevertheless does not stop Facebook from constantly using the features of the competition.

With WhatsApp, this has not worked quite so well after WhatsApp copied the Stories function from Instagram in the last version. The users rated and bombarded the app with crushing 1-star ratings on the Google Play and App Store.

Obviously, it was a bit too much for many people to have introduced the Stories feature as a status update in WhatsApp. Exactly the function that Zuckerberg had previously copied from snap chat copiously copied.

The approximately 1.2 billion WhatsApp users can now tamper with pictures and videos to a story and send them to selected contacts.

Visually and functionally, the feature is almost completely different from Snapchat Stories or more recently also from Facebook’s latest Messenger Day function.

The tenor, especially in Apple’s App Store is reflected quite well in a recent review of a user again (NB: I have not marked “[sic]” for dramatic reasons):

First of all, I have never given a review on Apple Store. And this is the first time. Look Facebook, we know you bought Instagram and WhatsApp and failed to buy Twitter and Snapchat. We know that Facebook was the timeline ahead after Twitter failed in news and now is Snapchat fighting for that place. But why it is necessary to have a Status photos or videos on WhatsApp too when we have that on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

If you think the same way and want to get the old version back, you can register at least under Android for the WhatsApp beta. The next master will no longer contain the feature – so hard was the backlash of users for Facebook.

After registering for the beta program, you can download the APK and use WhatsApp again with the old status function. As always, betas at your own risk and install in doubt, rather, wait for the official update in the Play Store.