What We Want To See From Microsoft Surface Phone

Now that Microsoft has already unveiled the Surface Studio, it looks like it is now prepping up for the Surface Phone release.

The company may not have been very generous when it comes to details regarding the alleged Microsoft phone, but rumor has it that the launch of the anticipated device is already imminent.

Microsoft Surface Phone Wishlist

First up, it would be nice if Microsoft is able to do something about the lack of popular apps. Well, it actually depends whether or not Microsoft is keen to gather more audiences come Surface Phone time.

If the company is still sticking to specific markets like business and education, then there may be no need to incorporate mainstream apps into the Windows mobile.

Furthermore, if Microsoft could also make the said smartphone more premium-looking and sophisticated, it would also be a nice addition. We’ve all known and loved Windows phones for their ultimate PC features and straight to the point look.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

As of now, a bunch of Surface Phone rumors has already spread online. These include having a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB worth of RAM and Quick Charge capability.

There has also been news saying that the Surface Phone could come in three variants which mean that there could also be a 4 GB RAM model.

Furthermore, it has also been mentioned that the next Microsoft phone could have a 5.5-inch display.

GSM Arena’s report suggests that this new phone is slated for a 2017 announcement. Nevertheless, the company hasn’t confirmed any of these yet.

What they have confirmed is that Microsoft isn’t backing out of the smartphone market and that they are yet to launch the “ultimate smartphone”.