Will the OnePlus 3T have 8GB of RAM instead 6?

We learned yesterday, courtesy OnePlus, that the OnePlus 3T will launch on the 15th of this month.

What we know so far is that it’ll pretty much be the same awesome OnePlus 3 but with a Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the 820.

Gizmodo reports that there’s a likelihood of the OnePlus 3 being the first phone on the market to have not 6GB, but 8GB of RAM!

Quite insane, to be honest. Even as it used to be exceptional and all to be spoilt with plenty of Rams on the OnePlus three, 8GB most likely seems like an overkill.

And it’s now not like OnePlus phones have a 2-3 year lifecycle; they’ve been refreshing their flagship lineup every year.

So what does this mean? As far as we’re worried, it might be a type of rumors those finish as rumors.

8GB of RAM would supply OnePlus some extra photos in the media, but on the rate of a more steeply-priced product with some assets that customers could no longer even need.

Besides RAM, there’s one other aspect of the phone that could see an improve — battery.

OnePlus could just fortify the cell to a 3500-4000mAh potential, and in contrast to 8GB of RAM, I’m beautiful sure no person’s going to complain about this.