Windows 10 is four times more popular than Mac and Apple figures reveal it

When we talk about operating systems it is unthinkable not to refer to Mac and Windows, Apple and Microsoft as the most visible heads of this eternal struggle.

Surface Studio

A battle that was popularized with campaigns like “Get a Mac” and that has seen as others have taken little by little the relief. Sega with Nintendo at the time, Android versus iOS, Sony, and PlayStation against the world …

There have always been rivalries and as good contenders, the most logical is not to give the arm to twist and always boast of the platform you defend.

Mac OS is an excellent platform, that can not be denied and has done a great job with their computers. But in recent times it seems that since Microsoft have eaten the ground in terms of innovation and appeal to the public and that is something that ends up leaving a mark.

And today, taking advantage of the news regarding new Mac Pro and iMac, Apple people at a briefing with TechCrunch, have revealed that there are almost 100 million active Mac users.

A figure that may sound very good (it’s a good figure) but it only confirms Microsoft’s success in desktop systems.

Having a Mac seems to be no longer so “cool”

And is that while Apple stays in those 100 million Mac users, computers with Windows 10 in PC format reach 400 million officially.

A figure four times superior that confirms the historical superiority of Microsoft in relation to the equipment of tabletop. What’s more, some figures suggest that there are more than 1 billion computers running Windows, not just Windows 10.

From Apple, despite these numbers, which are not bad, seem not to be entirely happy with the sales of their computers, unlike what happens with computers over Windows.

And it is something that in theory can not be compared or at least not because, while Apple only has a line of computers, Microsoft has a third-party army to integrate its platform.

With the arrival of the Surface Studio, Apple has seen more than ever its professional range with the iMac and Mac Pro at the top have lost their charm and exclusivity, which has motivated them to announce that this year we will see new iMac and Later new Mac Pro.

And as users we like, we love this competition that we sure benefit.