Workflow “no more planned updates” in the future

The course of Workflow is taking shape after we learned about its acquisition by Apple.

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First was the elimination of price and the deletion of some services in its list of integrations, and now a letter that they have received in 9to5Mac confirms that there will be no further updates of the application.

A representative of Workflow says that no more automation can be added to the public gallery of the application, and in any case, the only updates that we are going to see from now on will be focused on ensuring their security and stability.

Which is the same as saying that they will simply keep you afloat, without going one step further?

A native Workflow?

Is this bad? Not necessarily, it simply tells us that Apple must have chosen to get Workflow features directly into iOS natively. And if that is done, then the application apart ceases to make sense.

We could, for example, create an automation of certain tasks using Siri, or through a new section of the system.

Or if we become pessimistic, perhaps Apple has bought Workflow to be able to have its developers stop to improve an application that played dangerously with the resources of iOS.

But it would be a big mistake to do that: there’s a lot of potentials that Cupertino can take advantage of.

For now let us stay with those we know and assume that, from now on, we should abandon the hopes of continuing to use Workflow as we know it in a while.