Yi Technology presents its drone Yi Erida at CES 2017

The Yi Technology company, the partner of Xiaomi, announced as part of the CES 2017 next arrival on the market of its drone Yi Erida.

Although we have little information, the company promises, besides a top speed of 120 km / h, the ability to shoot 4K 30p and especially an endurance of 40 minutes of flight.

Originally developed by Dynamic Atlas in crowdfunding, Erida prior eventually will come under the shield of the Yi Technology firm itself a partner of the Chinese company Xiaomi.

If its data sheet is checked, this drone will certainly be a small bomb for flight enthusiasts and aerial images. Indeed, thanks to its carbon fiber shell and dimensions of 96 × 96 × 12 cm, it weighs only 1500 grams and will be able to fly for 40 minutes – do we have already talked about the adage Colin Chapman, the designer of Lotus racing cars?

Capacity 6800 mAh battery will be no stranger to this performance. And the word seems to Yi Technology expensive because the Erida is expected to point to nearly 120 km / h, is one of the highest speeds ever issued by a public RTF drone. Even the Inspire 2 is dropped with its 108 km / h max.

However, writing is primarily in terms of flying cameras that we are interested in drones and Erida offers a priori promising argument, since the capture will be provided directly by the action cam Yi 4K brand already tested, which has a sensor Exmor R CMOS 1 / 2.3 “delivering pictures 12MP and especially 4K UHD 30p. for now, only the Phantom 4 Pro (being tested) offers picture quality up to 4K 60p. on the Yi 4K, the viewing angle is 155 ° and the maximum aperture of f / 2.8.

More good news, the Erida has the folding landing gear, allowing it to be carried in a backpack. Finally, the radius of the festivities, there will be on many automated flight modes, such as return to take-off point, the points’ interests, random or flight orbit.

The location in space being ensured by the coupling of LIDAR systems, Beidou, GPS and Glonass, obstacle avoidance seems to be part of the promises.

It goes without saying that enthusiasm is at its face this promising but … the datasheet does not dream too fast. Competition in the UAV market is such that it would not be surprising that Erida is an Arlesienne.