CES 2017 – The new Yi + 4K camera shoots in 4K at 60fps

Yi Technology introduces its new action-cam Yi + 4K, first action-cam capable of shooting 4K / UHD 60 fps. Other enhancements such as a new Ambarella H2 processor, live streaming and compatibility with additional software.

What encourages other manufacturers to follow suit.

Yi Technology not yet placed on the 360, but the evolution of its definition 4K / UHD 3840 x 2160 px. The previous version Yi 4K has identical recording capabilities but is limited to 30 frames / s.

Here she is now 60 i / s. An expected technical feature, especially to improve the fluidity of films. Since there is no information about the sensor, we imagine that the 4K + retains the Sony R BSI CMOS 12MP sensor.

By cons, a new Ambarella H2 processor made its appearance and the Yi + 4K is the first to be equipped. We find the electronic image stabilization and compatibility with streaming.

The visuals reveal the integrated display, we still hope to touch.

Yi Technology also speaks of an improved external audio system, a hardware suited to virtual reality and complementary software, but does not go into details.

We are in any case quite confident about this new model, whose availability is planned for February 2017, as the previous version had proved its worth.

We also hope that this announcement will give a little boost to competition. Indeed the production of action-cam has declined significantly this past year compared to 2015.

We are now waiting to know the launch price of the Yi + 4K, we imagine again aggressive.