YouTube Go arrives in Mexico, Brazil and more than 130 countries

youtube go
YouTube Go was the first light application that Google launched thinking about emerging markets more than a year ago, and that would be the seed of the birth of Android Go and the rest of light applications that the company has not stopped launching in recent years.

It was in September 2016 when YouTube Go first arrived in India. Then over the months it began reached 14 more countries, such as Indonesia, Nigeria or Thailand. Now Google announces that the ultralight version of YouTube is available today in more than 130 countries.

YouTube Go, the ultralight version designed to watch videos offline

YouTube Go is a version intended for emerging markets where there are serious problems with connectivity and prices of data rates. In these countries is where this new application will be available.

Some of the new countries that YouTube Go can download today are Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and Iraq, among others. Google has not offered the full list of countries.

YouTube Go is an application that only occupies about 9.4 MB of storage and allows users to discover the most popular videos, search and download their favorite videos to watch them later or share them with their friends through Bluetooth.

In Spain, the United States, France, Japan and Japan, the launch of this application is not expected, since Google wants to charge in these countries its subscription for downloading videos.