The triple camera of the Huawei P11 could stand up to the TrueDepth of the iPhone X

Huawei P11
With one of the best cameras on the market, the iPhone X has set a precedent with its TrueDepth technology. And as such, touches and overcome it, something that Huawei could achieve with the new technology that would mount its spectacular triple lens camera that would mount the new Huawei P11.

The war (of glasses) is served.

Today, few elements are as important in a smartphone as the camera. For many people who must decide on a new terminal, the rear sensor is sometimes the factor that causes one to opt for this or that model of a brand.

And this year, Apple has achieved one of the best cameras on the market with the sensor that has mounted on your iPhone X, which can boast of having set standard thanks to TrueDepth technology that allows functions such as the Face ID of the terminal.

The triple camera of the Huawei P11

Earlier this month we echoed a leak that certainly impressed because it hinted that the new Huawei P11, the high range that prepares the Chinese brand for 2018, would come with a triple lens camera no less and 40 megapixels resolution.

A truly spectacular camera that would serve to impose a new standard and, above all, to add a unique element to the flagship of Huawei, which in its Huawei P9 of 2016 was among the first to dare to endow a range top with a Dual camera of the Leica brand.

And is that when the rest of the brands are pointing to a trend, in this case, the double cameras that we already see even in the Chinese mid-range, we must start to stand out in other sections. But far from being a mere visual and marketing addition that contributed little to the set in terms of new features, this triple camera, and P11 technology could rival Apple’s TrueDepth seen in the iPhone X.
‘Point Cloud Depth Camera’

In the presentation event of the Honor 7X and Honor View 10 , Matthew Leone, an engineer of this mobile brand – a reminder that the owner of Honor is precisely Huawei – made a demonstration of a new 3D camera called ‘Point Cloud Depth Camera ‘ , whose scanning speed was apparent after the rapid manner in which the device made the process of capturing the face of the engineer who was testing it.

This camera was presented as a Plug & Play supplement that Leone placed on a Huawei Mate 10, although according to the Italian website NotebookItalia, which captured the moment in the video , the technology of the ‘Depth Camera’ could well be integrated into the triple camera than the P11.

What would the Huawei brand get with this? Having a device with a technology that would rival the TrueDepth of the iPhone X, and therefore be able to match Apple’s Face ID and even improve it, since the Huawei camera mounts an almost infra-red emitter that projects a network of light made of hundreds of points on a person’s face.

Will we see this technology inside P11? Or first: will we see the P11 with a triple camera?