The bet of Twitter is to opt for the Progressive Web Applications: nobody will remember the UWP that will be eliminated

It is one of the trends that are gaining more strength this year. We are talking about Progressive Web Applications, a type of solution to bring the improvements offered by web applications to the ecosystem of each operating system.

Under the acronym PWA’s we have seen all the benefits they bring compared to traditional applications and therefore gain ground slowly but inexorably. And in this scenario is the company Twitter, at least among the best known, which has started a more interesting bet by launching its PWA for Windows 10 of the addition already carries several updates.

And at this point we can think … what about your Universal Application?

For this, they have published an entry in their blog in which they talk about the future and in which, in passing, they make it clear what users can expect to make use of the UWP of Twitter. And as expected, the picture is not encouraging at all.

And is that Twitter seeks above all the homogeneity between all platforms when facing your app, which becomes impossible if each uses a specially developed app. It is one of the advantages offered by a PWA and therefore they will focus their bet on it.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]ONLY USERS OF WINDOWS 10 APRIL 2018 OR WINDOWS 10 FALL CREATORS UPDATE WILL BE ABLE TO USE THE PWA OF TWITTER[/quote_colored]

From Twitter, they are already working to add new improvements to their Progressive Web Application while the application that until now we know has the hours counted. And they do not hide it, because they warn that it is advisable to use the new PWA on Twitter, as from June 1 you can not download the UWP from Twitter and you can not use it.

In this way, users who can not access the PWA will have no choice but to use the web client to access all the features that Twitter currently offers if they do not want to be disconnected from the popular microblogging network.

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