V-Moda launches its first portable speaker

Known for its bass helmets with a strong aesthetic, the American manufacturer V-Moda is now launching on the market portable speakers Bluetooth with the Remix.

V-Moda launches its first portable speaker

An enclosure that is distinguished by the integration of a headphone amplification, but also by a customizable design … and again very singular.

The Remix technical data sheet highlights a 2 x 10 W amplification that uses fiberglass transducers, backed by a passive rear heatsink.

The headphone amp section, on the other hand, promises a maximum output power of 2 x 83 mW on its 3.5 mm mini-jack output, with an output signal advertised as being of “comparable quality to dedicated headphone amps $ 200 or more “.

This same mini-jack output can also be used to connect several Remixes together, and thus add up their power.

All this is contained in a box 20 cm in length and 6.5 cm in height and depth.

No other follies in terms of connectivity, which is supplemented by a simple auxiliary input on mini-jack, as well as a port of reloading on USB Type-C – in this subject, the manufacturer announces an autonomy exceeding The 10 hours.

Finally, the presence of an omnidirectional microphone allowing the Remix to be used as a hands-free kit.

In its basic version, the Remix is available in two relatively simple finishes: silver aluminum or “vegan leather” black. However, it is possible to customize it with the addition of decorative appendages made by 3D printing, which can dress the sides, the facades or the grid of the enclosure.

Available in a multitude of shapes, colors, and materials, from plastic fiber to precious metals (platinum, bronze, 14-carat gold …), these appendages are able to satisfy the most ostentatious bling desires … – , One can doubtless authorize oneself to say it, of the worst taste.

All this has, of course, a cost, and the most exuberant configurations can very easily be expressed in thousands of dollars.