Advertisement in VR games: HTC introduces new ad program

Advertisements will not stop in front of virtual reality.

HTC presented at its developer conference the VR AD service, with the manufacturer not only to place advertising in their VR games but also monitor how frequently and for how long each user looks at the display in the game.

The issue of advertising is a two-page medal: on the one hand, operators or developers earn what is basically not bad, on the other hand, it is annoying advertising that most people try to avoid.

Now that the virtual reality is an ever-broadening public, it was actually only a matter of time, until advertisements there synonymous. HTC has presented a new system for its integration for the Vive.

At its developer conference in China, the company presented the VR AD service, which allows manufacturers not only to advertise in their VR games but also to monitor closely how often and for how long each user looks at a corresponding board or display in the game.

This allows developers to place advertisements specifically, as only one per player and per eye contact is billed.

The new program offers a range of different display types that run on both the PC and VR headsets. This includes, for example, large banners, videos or even 3D models. The advertising will not automatically occur in any game – nor can developers decide themselves whether and how many ads they want to switch.

Ads that appear in immersive VR environments can not be anymore. Accordingly, the multiplied effect of effective impressions and verified views will bring you higher advertising revenue!

VR AD Service

If you want to have to advertise in your game as a developer, you just have to join the VR AD service program. For the Engine Unity, a SteamVR plug-in is available, with which seats for the ads are selected. After that, only the type of advertising to appear in the game has to be determined.

HTC opens with its service something like the Pandora’s box, which many of us would rather be closed. Since in principle any Vive owner can easily become a developer via the Developer program and thus create their own programs, Viveport will be overrun in the future with small commercials. I find this a great pity because great and elaborately produced games could thereby easily.

I find this a great pity because great and elaborately produced games could thereby easily.