Google Chrome will allow access to virtual reality

Google Chrome will support these days a new update, which at Google will provide access to specific virtual reality content.

virtual reality

Therefore, those who have the option of Virtual Reality compatible phones will be able to watch content directly from Chrome application.

This announcement was made official Friday, and all users need to do to qualify is to specify that they want to access the content, people set the phone on the way “Daydream” and to insert the headphones in question.

However, even if your phone is not compatible with Daydream virtual reality, the only difference being that you have to touch your finger to navigate.

However, Google promises that in the future the process will be much easier, users are first.

In conclusion, if until now the Google Chrome does not support content regarding virtual reality (the browser was not able to identify the position and orientation of the phone), now this will be available very shortly.
Moreover, if you have no idea of ​​websites that have content specific virtual reality, Google made a list right here.