Adidas announces new ‘Open’ fitness gadgets

Adidas wants to open its digital fitness products for third-party providers, enabling tailor-made sports and training experiences.

SXSW: Adidas announces fitness gadgets
With the acquisition of the Austrian fitness app provider Runtastic in 2015, sports goods manufacturer Adidas also entered the wearable business. Since then, the Group has increasingly made the app an important part of its corporate strategy.

As Engadget reports, the next step is to work with third parties to enhance the user experience with fitness and health products.

This was confirmed by Anna Burr, the head of the Digital Sports Department at Adidas, in an interview at the South-by-Southwest Festival (SXSW, 11-19 March 2017) in Austin, Texas.

Open platform for individual fitness plans

According to Burr, it is not simply a matter of whether Adidas can develop a new independent hardware in the digital health universe.

In order to provide tailor-made fitness experiences and plans for users, the sports equipment supplier wants to share many of his content and his know-how with external partners. “We will treat our content as a kind of open platform so that we can extend our experience to other users’ devices,” Burr said.

When exactly consumers can expect the new products and whether they will be a Wearable or an App is still unknown.