Android Wear 2.0: Final version to appear on February 9

While Google still lists no date, @ evleaks speaks of a release on 9 February.

Evan Blass (@ evleaks) announced that Google will publish the new version of Android Wear on 9 February. Since this, however, is only a rumor, the date should be considered a bit skeptical.

Various app developers were from Google informed that Android Wear 2.0 is released on February 2017th They are therefore encouraged to bring their apps up to date.

Actually, have Android Wear 2.0 already last fall to be published. Since the developers have, however, been relatively bad feedback, which was Release date moved back. Early 2017 was finally called by Google. Now it was announced that the new version will be launched in February.

Android wear 2.0

In the email from Google is not only the time frame for the release is called, but it also lists all the apps of the corresponding developer, based on the outdated embedded APK mechanism and are thus not optimized for Android Wear 2.0.

The search giant advises developers, will soon make the adjustment, as with the new operating system, an integrated Google Play Store will be delivered. Should the application not be up to date, so the apps in the Play Store can not be found on the clock.

Along with the new features is Google also introduce two new SmartWatches. These watches are not under the name of Google, Nexus or pixels, but also bear the manufacturer’s name.

Much of the current Android Wear smartwatches is supplied fortunately with Android Wear 2.0; which has already been officially confirmed by Google. The complete list contains these items: Android Wear 2.0: These smartwatches obtain the update