Apple has patents for a dream monitor and they look a lot like a startup they’ve acquired

beddit apple

The field of health is one of the most developed Apple in recent years, especially thanks to the Apple Watch. However, it still does not offer something concrete to monitor the dream. The company’s new patents, however, show us where they are planning to enter this market.

The easy option to monitor the dream is to use Apple Watch itself. We can already do it with third-party apps really, but it seems that Apple is looking for something more precise in this regard. As we can see in their patents, an option that also analyzes the movements of the body in bed.

The fruits of acquiring Beddit

Years ago, Apple acquired a company dedicated to sleep monitoring. This is Beddit, which unlike others, uses a kind of strip on the mattress instead of a bracelet in the user’s hand. This fabric goes from one side of the bed to the other and analyzes the movements that the user makes when sleeping.

While it is true that it has been a while since the company was acquired by Apple, we have not yet seen any new product that has been developed or made public.

But Apple’s new patents give us indications that something is developing. As we can see, a sensor that covers the mattress from one side to the other, similar to what Beddit offered.

In other of the images of the patent we can see that the sensors go beyond and completely covers the mattress, to analyze more in detail the movements. The patent seems to be more a confirmation than anything else. No doubt the idea is possible, as Beddit already used it in their products, now it remains to be seen how Apple can improve it in its own product.

// AppleInsider