Apple Watch 3 Release Date, Specs & Rumors

The tech giants of the mobile world are all working on their best release for 2017 to attract as many customers as possible.

Adding to the craziness of developing technologically advanced devices Apple is expected to come up with an ever-portable, stylish, multi-color variant Apple Watch 3.

Apple Watch 3 Rumors

The first Apple watch was launched in April 2015 following which Apple made an annual release of an updated version of Apple Watch 2 in 2016.

As reported by the Gamenguide, the Apple Watch 2 is an excellence in innovation that makes the watch really smart with integrated internal upgrades, GPS, pressure gauge and a waterproof design powered by the WatchOS 3 with enhanced performance and functionality.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date & Price

Apple Watch 3 release is highly anticipated following the launch of the second edition watch. Rumors suggest that the Apple Watch 3 will be released in September 2017 at the same price as its predecessor at $269.

However, there is no confirmation from the Cupertino tech giant on the expected price of a smartwatch. Until now, no solid confirmation was made on Apple’s part however, fans can expect to see an almost similar watch to the present version along with several updates, as reported by Mobilenapps.

Apple Watch 3 Features

Since the world is moving into the “Selfie” culture, it is expected that the Apple Watch 3 will sport a front camera that will be used for taking selfies and for face time calls. This is a big leap in the Watch technology as Apple is always known for trying new technologies and features.

Apple Watch 3 release will see a thinner, lighter and brighter version of its predecessor. It is expected to feature the most spoken Micro-LED display.

Apple watches 3 rumors suggest that the upcoming Apple Watch will be more independent from the iPhone or other smartphones, with 3G/4G features.