Apples AirPods dominate the market for wireless headphones

Although AirPods were only introduced relatively late and with long waiting times in the past month, the wireless earbuds Apple could make the competition in December in the shadows.

With the removal of the pin terminal in the iPhone 7, it is not surprising that the proportion of wireless headphones were up even for Christmas.

This led, according to figures from Slice Intelligence to that in the US 75 percent of headphone sold were equipped without cables last month. Last year there was still 50 per cent.


Since the introduction of Apple Airpods won 26 percent of the market for wireless headphones for themselves. The percentages came primarily at the expense of wireless models of beats, whose share shrank from 24.1 to 15.4 percent.


Slice Intelligence announced the sales figures of AirPods addition to gender and age on:


The delivery times of AirPods surged shortly after the presentation on December 13in the height.

A pick-up in the Apple Store is currently the earliest on February 23 available. The normal shipping is Apple currently at 6 weeks.