Best price action camera MGCOOL Explorer ES will surprise you

These two years, the action camera market has been divided up by other GoPro alternatives. MGCOOL is one of the more popular GoPro alternatives.

Since its inception, MGCOOL has been famous for its price advantage. This year, MGCOOL releases a MGCOOL Explorer ES.

As always, the price of its camera is very difficult to refuse. $31.99 on Gearbest

But action cameras are also cameras. When you decide to enter the field of action cameras, the first factor for concern is the performance.

MGCOOL Explorer ES is built in with Allwinner V3 series CPU. It adopts Full HD GC sensor featuring high-sensitivity and low-noise imaging performance. The camera delivers up to 16 mega-pixel still images. What’s more, the Explorer ES is able to capture 1080P videos at 60fps.

And its onboard encoder is high efficient video codec H.264 which has small time delay when you transmit the video streams.

Here are some photos taken by the Explorer ES which may give you a visual testimony of its performance.