Casio reaches agreement with Microsoft to allow its watches to benefit from connectivity with its smartphones

If there is a segment in which Microsoft has not had the almost presence that is one of the wearables.

Casio watches
It is true that if we stick to the latest statistics and at least if we focus on smartwatches, sales do not seem to paint a very encouraging future, so in this sense, the company does not have too much to worry about.

And I want to say that it is not the same not to have a catalog smartwatch or a quantifier bracelet, which does not count on a variety of smartphones.

That is more tricky and may therefore from Redmond choose to close deals with manufacturers of “conventional” watches to enhance their mobile system with third-party add-ons.

They already made agreements with Olio or GoPro and now it is the turn of Casio.

And is that Microsoft has announced an agreement with the legendary Japanese watch brand (raise your hand who has not had a Casio of any kind in his life) by which the company’s watches will have a greater integration with the Microsoft platform.

In this way, the latest Casio watches such as the Casio WSD-F10 and Casio F20 WSD, as well as others that will arrive in the future, will allow you to connect to Windows Phone smartphones to provide information such as physical activity, readings the compass…

This is possible thanks to the sensors with the latest models of the Japanese company. In this way and as stated Micky Minhas, chief technology officer of Microsoft Licensing LLC:

“Casio’s smartwatches combining with Microsoft technology will help customers around the world better exploit the capabilities of their handheld devices.This is an outstanding partnership that builds on Microsoft’s heritage of innovation in technology From powering personal portable devices to driving better products of its kind, such as Casio. “

An opinion similar to that shown by Hiroshi Okumura, general manager of Intellectual Property and Legal Department of Casio:

“Casio is committed to creating innovative products for all its customers, and this partnership builds on our longstanding relationship with Microsoft that has products and solutions ranging from portable terminals to business information systems.”

In this way and in the absence of products of this type in its catalog (we know that the future of the Microsoft Band is more than ever in the air) the American firm intends to find in third parties what it can not or does not want to offer In its catalog.

It is true that it is not the same and can not compare a smartwatch to use with what we have seen in these lines but if we think coldly a smartwatch without independent connectivity now has many more functions than those that can offer a conventional like these?

We will have to be attentive to the next moves of Microsoft in this sense. If you continue to reach agreements with other companies so that you find in them a way to penetrate a market where for now the success has been elusive.