Connected Modular 45: TAG Heuer introduces modular Smartwatch with Android Wear

TAG Heuer presented today the Connected Modular 45 – a modular Android Wear Smartwatch, which is priced and qualitatively resumed in the luxury sector.

Connected Modular 45: TAG Heuer introduces modular Smartwatch with Android Wear

For today, TAG Heuer had announced a new Smartwatch and the Swiss kept their word: With the Connected Modular 45, a new smartwatch attempt was made after the company’s first smart clock, introduced two years ago, was a complete success.

Sleek 1 500 dollars cost the TAG Heuer Connected, which was therefore significantly more expensive than other watches with Android Wear, nevertheless became the most sold model of the Swiss.

Now you can go with the Connected Modular 45 and of course remain true to the premium league: 1 600 euros are due for the new model, which is only the entry price. If you decide for the most luxurious option, then you will also be direct with more than 16,000 euros.

What is new is that we are dealing here with a modular clock.

This means that you can change your wristbands, locks, and stirrups, but not only that: an exchange of the complete Smartwatch unit is also possible, so you can replace it with a normal mechanical watch with a hand-held lift.

Annoying: If you purchase the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45, this mechanical module has not purchased directly, but must purchase it separately.

In addition, the clock is also water-resistant to 50 meters depth and was developed in collaboration with Google and Intel. Powered by an Intel Atom Z34XX, the timepiece on which Android Wear 2.0 is used is powered.

More specs: TAG Heuer offers 4 GB storage space, NFC and GPS, as well as WLAN B / G / N, Bluetooth BLE 4.1 and the display from Switzerland on an AMOLED panel with a screen diagonal of 1.4 inches and one A resolution of 400 x 400 pixels (287 PPI pixel densities).

Of course, you have massively watch-faces available and can be connected to Android as well as iOS hardware. On the product page, you have the choice between many different versions of the new smart watch of the wrist watch experts.

It goes as already mentioned at 1 600 euro, who wants to flaunt properly and instead wants to buy the luxury set with Heuer-02T-Werk and titanium case (in addition leather and rubber bracelet), 16 650 euro on the noble Table of the house.

I personally think that is a little too much, but I certainly do not belong to the clientele of the company.

Watch fans will surely bite back, because who wants a luxury watch and Android Wear 2.0 in combination, does not find much comparable in the market.

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