Fitbit has delivered 5.1 million Wearables in Q3 this year

Smartwatch and fitness bracelets are in high demand these days, products that have come to be quite accessible to the average user, that if we take into account solutions produced by companies like Xiaomi.

Xiaomi with those from Fitbit recorded in Q3 of this year the highest sales of wearable, in position no 3 of the top being placed Garmin.

Fitbit wearables

As we can see in the table above presented by research company, IDC, Fitbit sold this 3 quarter a number of 5.3 million wearable, a figure 12.5% higher than the one delivered in the same period last year.

Xiaomi has passed into account 16.5% of all wearables sold globally, a percentage that is 3.8 million units sold.

Garmin has sold 1.3 million smartwatches and Apple 1.1 million of such devices.

Samsung is not lacking on this list, a company that has delivered 500,000 models of wearable in Q more than in March of last year.