Get yourself an MGCOOL Explorer 1S and go explore the new world

Last year, MGCOOL, a new and small brand came in the public eye with its cool cameras.

Now MGCOOL once again has two more cameras Explorer and Explorer 1S ready to release. It is said that these two cameras are another must-have items for those who want to try a consumer camcorder.
MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL’s Explorer series have powerful hardware and software configurations which will take you to dive into the sea, go through the jungle, climb up mountains.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S is equipped with NT96660 core processor and Sony IMX078 sensor, capable of shooting 4K video @ 24fps and with four angle options of 70 °, 110 °, 140 °, 170 ° which enables you to choose how much or how little as you prefer.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S


The same with Explorer, 1S is also equipped with a 2-inch LCD screen, supports the maximum of 64GB expansion, 30 meters (98 feet) waterproof, 10 meters of WIFI connection, more than 10 language options.

This time MGCOOL has refined its product line and prepare to change the market in a big way with these three new cams (including the MGCOOL Explorer 2 exposed days earlier).

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

And these three cameras have different strengths and meet the needs of consumers at different levels. MGCOOL claims to “aim to explore the flexible interaction between humans and technology and enable every to experience a different the world”. Well, let’s wait and see.

Learn more about new edition of MGCOOL Explorer: MGCOOL and Facebook