GoPro will be sad again? MGCOOL want to say

If Yi camera has broken GoPro’s domination in the high-end market, then MGCOOL would have the chance to take away the middle-end market from GoPro.

Gopro will be sad again ? MGCOOL want to say.

The extremely low price of MGCOOL’s new 4K camera has given us a sign that manufacturers in China have the ability to bring their action cameras onto overseas markets and GoPro’s dominated situation will be broken up by contenders like Yi Camera and MGCOOL.

In last year, the tech world has been going insane about Yi Sports Camera.

The adjective that was used to describe it is – a GoPro killer.

In this year, MGCOOL comes to our sight and we are surprised at its low-priced but high-quality cameras.

There is no way that a normal person can think that and a 39-69$ camera can beat 400$ one.

However, MGCOOL has brought a new interesting product that is better than most other GoPro alternatives and its products do have a huge influence on the market.

MGCOOL action cameras are lightweight cameras, which can record videos in 4K to Full HD in 30 and 60 frames per second.

Moreover, most of its cameras adopt Sony sensor which enables them to yield quality photos.

Gopro will be sad again ? MGCOOL want to say.

As already said, even though, MGCOOL camera has a remarkable sensor and creates fantastic images.

At this moment, neither MGCOOL nor Yi can be better than GoPro.

But if you are a newer of action camera and do not have much budget on your entry machine.

MGCOOL and Yi will be the top choices alternative to GoPro.

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