MGCOOL has been doing rather well in sports camera field.

The Explorer 1, Cam360, and Explorer Pro all have a high performance-price ratio.

MGCOOL has also been in constant pursuit of higher technology, and been focusing on innovation and constantly adding more functionality to the research in motion camera, providing more convenient and practical for outdoor sports.

Days ago, it is reported that MGCOOL is planning to release an Explorer 2-the second generation of Explorer series.

The greatest feature is the introduction of the touch-screen design.

In the current market, of outdoor sports, only GoPro Hero series and Yi 4K camera have touch screen feature.

GoPro Hero

MGCOOL Explorer 2 will build with a multi-touch LCD screen on the back of the camera, and the screen will not affect its three proofings, and its maximum waterproof can be up to 30 meters (with MGCOOL’s special waterproof cover).

The touch screen also enables its users set shooting parameters directly on the screen, much more convenient.

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