New Balance announced RunIQ his running watch

The famous sports brand New Balance joins on the wearables world in partnership with Intel, Google and Strava to launch RunIQ, his running watch.

The sports props expanding its range. At CES in Las Vegas, New Balance has unveiled its RunIQ sports watch. Dedicated primarily to

Dedicated primarily to runners, the name was developed in partnership with Intel, Google, and Strava, the sports social network.

Resembling classic shows connected with its customizable digital display, RunIQ embeds a GPS and a heart rate sensor. It is waterproof to 50 m (5 ATM).

Among its 3 side buttons, one is dedicated to calculating the lap – certainly a significant point for workouts …Announced to 24 hours of battery life in normal use and 5 hours with GPS activated, the RunIQ seems, on this point do not really distinguish classic connected watches.

New Balance announced RunIQ his running watch

For now, New Balance does not indicate compatibility with the iPhone, but with precise RunIQ, ” riders can synchronize, store and play music from Google Play on Android while continuing to receive notifications smartphone and answer directly when the camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network “(sic!).

This will no doubt the case when outdoor run!

While waiting to learn more about the purely technical aspect of RunIQ, you should note that the audio Jabra brand the opportunity to associate its PaceIQ, new headphones featuring a button “Sport” to receive advice during a race.

The watch RunIQ is already available for pre-order on New Balance website, with deliveries announced at the 1 st of February.

Its selling price: 375€. As for PaceIQ headphones Jabra, it is also possible to order on the website of New Balance (115 €). Their delivery will begin on 2 February.