Samsung: Patent for rotary dial display registered

Samsung’s latest Smartwatch is all about the rotary dial display: a patent now shows a wearable with an additional display in the bezel.

Samsung Patent for rotary dial display registered

Samsung is obviously working on a new Smartwatch. After the Koreans recently presented new concepts of the Gear S3 at the Baselworld, the manufacturer has already submitted a patent for a successor model.

So the gear S4 is all about a rotary dial display.

Edge display with additional functions

According to the document with the beautiful title “DisplayDevice and SmartWatch” Samsung wants to equip the Wearable not with one, but with two displays.

The first screen shows a round screen in the style of many Android watches.

As can be seen from a sketch attached to the patent, the second display comes in the form of the bezel already known for Samsung.

The ring rotatable in this case up to a maximum of 90 degrees is around the actual display and is intended to provide additional information to the carrier in the future.

Implementation still uncertain

Due to the limited space on such a narrow display band, the display is limited to a few simple functions.

For example, the smartwatch could display date, weather, time, and simple notifications without the carrier having to activate the main display.

If and when the idea actually finds its way into a new Samsung device and whether it is the Gear S4 remains to be seen.