Sony renews its Bassheads Headphones

Sony dredge youth with his family Extra Bass, which hosts this month of N four new wearable speakers and two wireless headsets. It is the latter that is observed a little more closely below.

If both are wireless and foldable, their first common point remains the Extra Bass feature.

This famous overdose grave had been confirmed by our measurements on one of their elders and is likely to increase further, as 30 mm on the previous generation, the membranes pass 40 mm on these two new models.

About embedded commands aboard helmets, it is possible to navigate between tracks (play/pause, next/previous song) and adjust the volume; it is not known if a hands-free kit will be on hand.

The MDR-XB950B1, which comes in black, blue or red, enjoys an autonomy of 18 hours with the Extra Bass feature enabled, for about 4 hours to recharge.

Available in black or khaki, adds a reduction in active noise, “to hear that bass.” Autonomy up this time to 22 hours with Extra Bass and RBA, but it will, however, wait seven hours for a full charge.

The Sony Application | Headphones Connect, available in spring 2017, will customize the desired bass level (on a scale of -10 to +10) and add reverb to model different listening spaces (arena, club, festival, concert).

The MDR-and MDR-XB950B1 XB950N1 will be available in March, the respective prices of € 200 and € 250.